Datavant Launches Datavant Connect as Snowflake Native App on Snowflake Marketplace, Enabling Healthcare Data Integration and Privacy Protection in the Data Cloud

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May 1, 2024

Phoenix, AZ, May 1, 2024 – Datavant, the leading health data logistics company, today announced that it has launched Datavant Connect, a Snowflake Native App, on Snowflake Marketplace. Datavant Connect’s availability on Snowflake Marketplace will enable joint customers to leverage Datavant’s data connectivity capabilities in the Data Cloud. Organizations such as healthcare data sources, academic medical centers, and life sciences companies can now use Datavant to connect disparate data within their Snowflake environment.

Data plays a crucial role in enabling healthcare and life sciences customers to make effective decisions. However, there are challenges in integrating data from multiple sources: fragmentation, data movement, limited control over data use, and the need to protect patient privacy.

To overcome these challenges, healthcare organizations have heavily invested in their cloud infrastructure as the foundation for the future of analytics and data exchange. Datavant Connect, a platform for secure, compliant real-world data connectivity allows customers to tokenize and transform their data within the Data Cloud, accelerating data processing and protecting patient privacy.

Datavant Connect helps joint customers to power a variety of workflows involving connected data, including understanding adverse events from clinical trials, assessing the feasibility of real-world data for purchase, developing a longitudinal view of the patient journey, and more.

By launching Datavant Connect as a Snowflake Native App, joint customers will benefit from:

  • Tokenization at the Source: Datavant Connect brings tokenization to where the data resides, offering the most performant, secure, and scalable solution.
  • Faster Implementation: Datavant Connect reduces implementation time, allowing organizations to reduce time to deriving valuable insights.
  • Unlocking the Power of the Snowflake Data Cloud: Datavant Connect on Snowflake Marketplace makes data interoperable and connectable, accelerating analytics and insights.
  • Identity Resolution and No Data Movement with Snowflake Data Clean Rooms: Datavant Connect’s Snowflake Native App will serve as an identity resolution layer in the recently launched Snowflake Data Clean Rooms, enabling analytics and machine learning without the need to move data. This provides healthcare and life science customers with compute capabilities while protecting underlying data.

“Removing friction and accelerating time to insight is critical to advancing the pace of healthcare research and innovation,” says Tal Rosenberg, GM and President of Life Science, Ecosystem, and Public Sector at Datavant. “We’re thrilled to bring our data connectivity technology to the Snowflake Data Cloud and improve the understanding of patient health and disease.”

“By building Datavant Connect natively in Snowflake, Datavant will help to accelerate research and collaboration across and between the Healthcare and Life Sciences ecosystems,” says Todd Crosslin, Global Industry Principal, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Snowflake. “This is a great first step in helping our joint customers unlock the true potential of their healthcare data, and do so with the security and governance that comes with the Snowflake Data Cloud.”

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