Mirador Analytics Partners with Datavant to Create Step Change in Industry’s Approach to HIPAA De-identification and Certification

Publish Date
January 19, 2021

Wilmington, DE and San Francisco, CA — January 19, 2021 — Today, Mirador Analytics, the leading HIPAA Expert Determination provider, and Datavant, the leader in helping healthcare organizations safely connect their data while protecting patient privacy, announced a partnership where Mirador Analytics will offer streamlined HIPAA certification services and remediation tools to members of the Datavant ecosystem.

While still having Experts active in performing determinations, the integration of products automates large portions of the certification process, resulting in a much faster end-to-end certification process, while simultaneously protecting data under HIPAA and providing flexibility in which data to preserve.

Under the partnership, Datavant customers who use Mirador’s service receive on-demand certification of new datasets with results returned within 24 hours. The technical integration includes:

  • a suite of programmatic tests to assess the risk of re-identification in healthcare datasets;
  • an automated approach to removing elements that present re-identification risk (i.e., file remediation), which uses Datavant’s de-identification technology to implement a set of certification rules determined by Experts at Mirador Analytics;
  • tools to determine if a data set meets the rules under which it was expert certified; and
  • control of downstream linking to ensure visibility and compliance into any further linking

“The value of health data is more crucial today than ever before. The huge amounts of data available brings greater privacy risk and there is a concern of bottlenecks in assessing this risk in deidentified data.” said Jamie Blackport, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mirador. “Current approaches are either slow, taking months to certify a single new combination of data; or they are generic, assuming that one certified data layout will meet all customer needs which has potential for increased risk and reduces data utility. Through our partnership with Datavant, we are eager to offer the Datavant ecosystem an approach to certification that is fast, simple, risk-reducing, and fit-for-purpose, allowing customers to spend less time focused on the certification process  and more time providing valuable analytics and insights on top of de-identified, certified health data.”

“We are thrilled to announce our expanded partnership with Mirador,” said Travis May, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Datavant. “We have worked with the Mirador team for years, and have been continuously impressed with their ability to provide reliable, high-quality statistical certification at the speed of business. The preservation of patient privacy is critical to the ethical and trusted use of patient data, and we expect that this new partnership will reset the bar for privacy-preservation across the industry — while allowing more data to be safely connected for patient benefit.”

About Datavant

Datavant’s mission is to connect the world’s health data to improve patient outcomes. Datavant works to reduce the friction of data sharing across the healthcare industry by building technology that protects the privacy of patients while supporting the linkage of de-identified patient records across datasets. Datavant is headquartered in San Francisco. Learn more about Datavant at www.datavant.com.

About Mirador Analytics

Mirador Analytics supports organizations across the healthcare ecosystem to ensure privacy protection of individuals through expert evaluation of data deidentification and use of proprietary software solutions. Mirador Analytics aim to achieve high levels of privacy for individuals while maximizing data utility to allow for innovation, efficiency, and development in healthcare.

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