Ciox Health’s Data Utilities Boost Clinical Data Accuracy, Insight, and Value Derived from Chart Retrievals

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December 15, 2021

Structured Data Delivery & Data Harmonization utilities available now

ALPHARETTA, GA, December 15, 2021 – Ciox Health™, a leading health technology company, today announced the release of Ciox Data Utilities™. Ciox Data Utilities is a suite of solutions designed to add value to digital clinical chart retrievals. The suite is offered either stand-alone or as a bundle with Ciox Digital Direct, the leading solution for automated EMR chart extraction. Ciox Data Utilities includes multiple offerings with Structured Data Delivery & Data Harmonization available now and additional utilities to follow. Data Utilities leverages the Diameter Health Fusion engine, the best-in-class solution to transform raw clinical data into a standards-based, high-quality, longitudinal, and analytics-ready, digital data asset.

Clinical data retrieval campaigns regularly conclude when a member’s chart information (often coming directly from multiple provider EHR systems as unstructured, scanned and/or exported data) is delivered in flat pdf files. Because data in this format is challenging for analytics to process and humans to navigate; and will become increasingly difficult as more sources are digitized and originate from variable sources, it needs to be structured and organized to be consumed effectively by any use case. Ciox Data Utilities unlock and enhance the information harvested from the existing retrieval efforts and extend greater value downstream within the health plan organization.

Ciox Data Utilities suite is comprised of a series of capabilities:

  • Structured Data Delivery enables payers the ability to parse and ingest XML or JSON data into analytics and coding applications​. It converts raw EMR-sourced CCDA/FHIR data, enabling information to be parsed, enriched, and shared within the health plan departments, including population health, health informatics, medical economics and more.
  • Data Harmonization reduces the time and cost to make clinical data more valuable and usable, and organizes data chronologically into sections, allowing human reviewers and coders to access the data elements of interest instead of being lost in noisy datasets. It takes the existing structured data files from multiple data sources, enhances them and returns multi-format outputs using Diameter Health’s Fusion engine. The result is an actionable, interoperable JSON FHIR object version of the XML that has been normalized, enriched, reorganized, summarized, and deduplicated, by member. This permits payers to seamlessly ingest the digital data assets to serve multiple use cases ranging from risk adjustment to enterprise analytics, reducing the time spent on data grooming​.

“The digitization of clinical data brings many benefits for Payers, including timely access with lower provider abrasion and cost. However, the increased volume of data and heterogeneity of sources shifts the bottleneck to the downstream longitudinal analysis at an individual member level. Ciox Data Utilities increases the speed and quality of both human and machine review of data by normalizing and organizing the data longitudinally,” said Nick Giannasi Ph.D., Ciox Health’s Chief Product Officer.

Ciox Data Utilities join a rapidly growing portfolio of recently released technology innovations for health plans, including Ciox Digital Direct™ – easing barriers to clinical data acquisition for Health Plans, Ciox Chase Intelligence™ – leveraging provider insight and member history to optimize chart chase results, and Ciox Cross Check™ – NLP-powered second level risk adjustment coding review; and is available today with the Social Determinant Insights to be released in Q1 of 2022.

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Ciox Health’s leading clinical data technology empowers greater health by unlocking the potential of data in medical records. The company leverages a ubiquitous network of clinical data connections to simply and securely connect healthcare decision makers with the data and hidden insights in patient medical records. Ciox helps customers connect, control and comply in solving last mile challenges in clinical interoperability. Supporting a range of connectivity needs from research to revenue cycle, Ciox’s solutions include clinical data acquisition, release of information, and clinical coding. Ciox is a part of Datavant Group. Learn more about Ciox technology and solutions by visiting or Twitter and LinkedIn.

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