Datavant Launches International Expansion, Acquires Convenet to Build Trial Tokenization in the UK

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September 7, 2022

Datavant launches international expansion and acquires Convenet, a health technology infrastructure company in the UK that has built the world’s first NHS approved API powering integration into the NHS Spine for patient-consented data exchange.

Datavant will develop tokenization capabilities in the UK to enable clinical trial data to be linked to real-world data.

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON, Sept. 7, 2022 – Datavant, the leader in helping organizations securely connect health data, today announced steps towards international expansion with the acquisition of Convenet, a health technology infrastructure company headquartered in the UK. Health data fragmentation is a global challenge that impedes understanding of unmet needs, hinders drug development, and harms patient care. Datavant will expand privacy-preserving tokenization and data linkage capabilities to the UK in order to connect clinical trial data to real-world data.

Through Convenet, Datavant acquires an exceptional team that has built the world’s first National Health Service (NHS Digital) approved API that powers integrations into the NHS Spine, which is the central infrastructure that connects over 23,000 IT systems across healthcare and social care organizations in England. Convenet provides API connections to electronic health record (EHR) data from 100% of General Practitioners in England, enabling patient-consented data exchange covering all primary care settings. This acquisition adds to Datavant’s talent bench in the UK and will accelerate the mission to connect the world’s health data to improve patient outcomes.

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be a part of the digital transformation of unlocking health data in the NHS and globally,” said Chris Turner, co-founder of Convenet. “Joining the Datavant team and working with the most respected and successful privacy-preserving health data connectivity platform presents a fantastic opportunity to build products and tools that revolutionize healthcare delivery for patients across the globe.”

The Convenet team will build a trial tokenization platform that meets all regulatory and compliance guidelines for processing UK patient data, along with continued development of Convenet’s core API infrastructure. Building a UK trial tokenization offering extends the success of the Datavant Trials platform in the US, which provides web-based solutions for trial sites to tokenize clinical trial data, for sponsors to track tokenized clinical studies, and for linkage of clinical trial data to real-world data with robust privacy review.

“Growing our connectivity infrastructure globally is critical to maximize value for our customers in linking tokenized clinical trial data to real-world data,” said Parexel Chief Digital and Data Officer Stephen Pyke. “Building on our longstanding collaboration with Datavant to make trial tokenization an industry standard technology, it’s exciting to see them expand internationally and we look forward to continuing our work together as they take trial tokenization to the UK.”

“As a company that powers a large portion of the world’s clinical trials, Medidata’s mission is to power smarter treatments and healthier people. Through Datavant and Medidata’s existing partnership, sponsors can seamlessly connect and analyze patient-level clinical trial data and real-world data via Medidata Link in a centralized way and through existing workflows. As trial data linkage expands, we look forward to working with Datavant with its expanded international footprint to enable longitudinal data collection for better human health.” said Arnaub Chatterjee, Senior Vice President of Product and Ecosystem at Medidata.

Datavant’s international expansion will be led by Tal Rosenberg, President and Chief Partnerships Officer. Tal brings over 25 years of global healthcare technology experience, with particular focus on bringing innovative technology solutions to the life science industry. “I am excited to welcome the Convenet team to Datavant to build and scale health data connectivity in the UK,” said Tal. “Unlocking siloed health data in an ethical, privacy-protecting way to power every health decision will drive one of the most significant advancements of our generation. Today is the first step towards doing this on a global scale.”

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About Convenet

Convenet is a technology company that provides the fastest and most cost effective NHS integration APIs. Businesses of all sizes – from new startups to large UK healthcare providers – use Convenet’s APIs to build amazing products for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Convenet APIs help startups accelerate development of their products and enable larger businesses to quickly achieve interoperability with NHS systems. Convenet’s long term goal is to empower companies to build scalable NHS integrated products and services that ultimately improve the healthcare experience for all. Learn more about Convenet at

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