Datavant to Provide Patients with Free Digital Access to Their Health Records

Publish Date
March 12, 2024

Phoenix, AZ, March 12, 2024 – Datavant, the leading health data logistics company, announced that it will eliminate industry-standard charges for patients who request their health records from providers that have adopted Datavant's digital connectivity technology. This decision, which is the first of its kind, represents Datavant’s commitment to ensuring the safe flow of patient information across the healthcare ecosystem, and to utilizing its unparalleled data logistics capabilities to improve patient outcomes.

In 2023, Datavant processed more than 60 million record requests across its network comprised of over 70% of the top 100 US health systems, including over 2 million patient requests. Moving forward, at health systems that have adopted Datavant’s technology, the company will fulfill all instances of patients requesting their own records at no cost to them.

“Datavant recognizes the importance of empowering patients with digital tools to facilitate knowledge and access to their medical information, allowing them to make better healthcare decisions,” said Elizabeth A. Delahoussaye, Datavant’s Chief Privacy Officer. “We need to continue breaking down the barriers patients and underserved communities typically face when it comes to receiving their records, including the time to access an authorization form, the drive to a provider’s office to make a request in-person, or the ability to request their own information on-demand. We believe that easing the cost burden is a crucial step to simplify the process.”

Datavant’s technology streamlines the secure exchange of health data across the healthcare ecosystem, inclusive of patients, physicians, government administrators, researchers, health insurers, and more. Providers adopting the technology enable their patients access to a digital experience, which allows patients to request their health records within minutes. Patients begin the simple request process by clicking a link on their provider’s website from their computer or phone. Datavant’s Patient Request Tool is easy to navigate, consistently maintains a 95% user satisfaction rating and meets patients where they are, without timing or distance restrictions whether that is in their home at midnight or three hours away from their provider.

“When it comes to retrieving health data to better navigate their care, patients often struggle with the current processes,” said Pete McCabe, Chief Executive Officer of Datavant. “As we’ve expanded Datavant’s platform, it has put us in a unique position to offer patients the ability to easily access their own information for free. As our network continues to grow, we look forward to scaling this offering in the years ahead until it becomes standard practice across the U.S. healthcare system.”

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