Komodo Health and Datavant Announce Partnership to Further Expand Komodo’s Real-Time Healthcare Data Map

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February 5, 2019
  • Komodo Health has built Integrity, the trusted ground truth of healthcare that captures the journey of over 300 million patients through the healthcare system
  • Komodo is working with Datavant to connect thousands of de-identified patient datasets to further enhance Integrity while protecting patient privacy

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Komodo Health and Datavant today announced a partnership to further expand and enhance the broad longitudinal healthcare dataset that underlies Komodo’s industry-leading healthcare intelligence platform, Integrity.

Komodo has worked with Datavant to connect thousands of de-identified patient datasets to better serve customers across the healthcare system. Komodo enables healthcare companies to reduce disease burden, whether by using genomic and diagnostic lab data to better define rare disease patient profiles, or by using claims data to build models to better understand and improve patient outcomes for chronic conditions like diabetes.

“We deeply admire the work that Komodo Health does for stakeholders across the healthcare industry,” said Datavant CEO Travis May. “They have built a robust healthcare data map that powers advanced health analytics for their customers. We look forward to continuing to provide the connecting technology that will allow Komodo to work with their customers to reduce healthcare costs and enhance patient outcomes.”

“Today, there are significant challenges when moving health data from one organization to another, including high cost and a lack of trust between parties,” said Arif Nathoo, CEO and Co-Founder of Komodo Health. “These challenges lead to a lack of transparency in the healthcare system because no one person has a complete view of the patient’s journey and can help that patient achieve an optimal outcome. At Komodo Health, we are working to change that. Datavant’s technology has allowed us to securely and easily connect Integrity to a growing number of relevant health datasets while at the same time protecting patient privacy.”

About Komodo Health

Founded in 2014, Komodo Health has built a comprehensive real-time healthcare data map that allows partners to dynamically analyze data across patients, practitioners and health systems. Using Komodo’s platform for dynamic data analysis allows life science partners to extend the reach of innovative therapies, payers to focus on increasing care quality while reducing cost and providers to identify and address unmet medical needs in their communities. Learn more by visiting www.komodohealth.com.

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