Over 150,000 Patients Served with Ciox HealthSource Patient Request

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June 24, 2021

Over 150,000 Patients Served with Ciox HealthSource Patient Request
Innovating to simplify patient experience at over 300 healthcare provider sites

ALPHARETTA, GA, June 24, 2021 – More than 150,000 patients have enjoyed easier access to their medical records, allowing them to make informed, timely decisions about their care, and advocate more effectively for their health thanks to the HealthSource Patient Request tool by Ciox Health, a leading health technology company.

HealthSource Patient Request helps automate the records request process by directing patients to a simple, intuitive HIPAA-compliant online request form that is available in a multilingual format. The system then provides a link via email for easy online retrieval when requested records are available. Patient Request offers text, QR code, and information in multiple languages to ensure patient access to medical records is speedy, accurate, and complete. These enhancements allow healthcare providers to better serve their patient needs and increase their scores on patient satisfaction tools including Google Rankings.

“Ciox is proud to empower patients by making their personal medical records easier to access,” said Nick Giannasi, Chief Product Officer at Ciox. “Patient Request has redefined the way patients can expect to request their medical records, whether for continuity of care or simply for their own records.  The latest enhancements are multiplying that benefit with real-time retrieval, enabling same-day records delivery to patients.”

Patient Request supports an automated records retrieval capability, further shortening the time to fulfill patient requests for medical records to same-day delivery. Patient Request has already passed the milestone of processing more than 150,000 patient requests, and with this application, Ciox has set the gold standard for medical records requests and retrieval for patients.

“At Ciox, we passionately believe that digital transformation clears the path to greater patient engagement,” said Michelle Edler, President, Provider Solutions at Ciox Health. “By automating the records request and retrieval process while maintaining a standard of quality that means patients have easy access to the medical records they need, HealthSource Patient Request makes it easier on both patients and providers.”

Patient Reaction

Through HealthSource Patient Request, Ciox has already served more than 150,000 patients, prompting rave reviews from users that demonstrate the tool can improve patient experience and satisfaction for healthcare systems.

  • “This is by far the easiest, most streamlined way I have ever request records. Extremely easy UI design with no hiccups. Great job. This should be used as THE model for all medical records requested. “
  • “I’ve had to request medical records in the past and it was very inconvenient having to do so in person and the application more complicated. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and convenience and being able to receive my records safely via email!”
  • “I needed to request medical records. I called, they sent me a text and it took under 5 minutes to fill out the form and submit it.”
  • “I never use computers and don’t know how, but it was so easy I was able to do it with no assistance.”

For more information about Ciox Health’s HealthSource Patient Request, please visit https://www.cioxhealth.com/healthsource-patient-request/.

About Ciox

Ciox Health’s leading clinical data platform empowers greater health by unlocking the potential of health data. The Ciox platform leverages the industry’s most extensive clinical data network, data orchestration engine and data intelligence layer, helping to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. Ciox simply and securely connects healthcare decision makers with the data and hidden insights in patient medical records. Through its solutions for data acquisition, release of information, clinical coding and data abstraction, Ciox helps customers securely and consistently solve last mile challenges in clinical interoperability to support a range of needs, from research to revenue cycle. Learn more about Ciox technology and solutions by visiting www.cioxhealth.com or Twitter and LinkedIn.

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