Datavant Releases Health Data Connectivity Tools Suitable Under GDPR Framework for Research in Europe

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April 26, 2023

The ability to produce pseudonymous patient tokens, starting with the United Kingdom, to link health data will enable new research use cases.

Datavant continues to grow its UK presence, with more than 100 employees in its UK office.

London, Apr. 26, 2023 — Datavant, the leader in helping organisations securely connect health data, today announced the release of data connectivity tools suitable for use under the GDPR framework to create pseudonymised data. This paves the way for a robust European real-world data ecosystem, starting with the UK, where pseudonymised data can be linked at the patient level. The platform is first being deployed in the UK, where encrypted UK-specific tokens can be used to link patient-level datasets in a compliant way.

UK tokens can be connected to National Health Service (NHS) data through Datavant’s Convenet system, which has integrated with 23,000 general practitioners’ IT systems across healthcare and social care organisations. This benefits patients by enabling research studies that link clinical trial data collected on patients enrolled in UK clinical trials to real-world data at the NHS. UK tokenisation and data connectivity supports a broad range of research use cases, such as enriching patient registries and conducting long-term follow-up after clinical trials. This capability unlocks clinical trial tokenisation on an international scale, commensurate with the global footprint of large clinical trials, and builds upon the momentum of trial tokenisation in the US.

“We are thrilled to expand Datavant’s data connectivity capabilities to the UK,” said Tal Rosenberg, President, Emerging Business & Chief Partnerships Officer. “Beyond the compliant technology we are building, we are growing our data ecosystem in Europe. Access to global data is a request we have heard time and again from our customers and we are excited to be paving the path forward starting with the UK.”

In support of international expansion, Datavant continues to invest in growing its UK presence, surpassing 100 employees in the country. Datavant provides expert statistician review of data re-identification risk, and is now supporting privacy review projects for customers that need to meet GDPR compliance requirements.

“Our investments in international privacy expertise and technology capabilities will help customers unlock the vast scientific value in data to benefit medical research within the GDPR compliance framework,” said Rosenberg. “Clinical research occurs on a global scale, and our goal is to support our customers’ data compliance needs no matter where research is being conducted.”

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